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Can I Pressure Wash Pet Turf?

Can I Pressure Wash Pet Turf?

For some people, the question is; is it even right for me to pressure wash my artificial pet turf? Absolutely, and this piece will guide you on how to pressure wash a pet turf. If you’re worried about the pressure you will get to know important tips that will keep your turf good despite the intensity of the wash.

Many pet owners easily dumped the idea of natural grass for an artificial one because it is easy to manage. However, less maintenance isn’t equal to no maintenance at all. Pets will do everything on the turf play and imprint dirt, and pee. If the health and wellbeing of your pet are important to you, then a powerful cleaning is imperative.

And Pressure washing is one of the sure ways to get your pet’s play area fresh and clean again. However, while you go about it, there are best practices to keep the turf from getting damaged. And ultimately to make the turf as clean as possible. Meanwhile here are some of the reasons to opt for pressure washing today

You can do it quickly. In line with your reason for getting an artificial turf in the first place, the process is easy. Hence, you can effortlessly get rid of difficult particles that won’t go by using brooms or rakes. Without further ado, here is a step by step guide on how to pressure wash a pet turf.

1. Remove solid waste

Meanwhile, if you have pet toys on your turf, get them off. Also, any other items on the turf should be put away. You can’t be pressure-pushing poo around and expect a clean turf. Hence, make sure you get solid waste off the surface of the turf.

2. Remove smaller particles using a broom or rake.

There could be smaller matter than solid waste on your pet turf, and using a special lawn rake or broom will do to get the area clean except for the patches of stains that might be very visible now, and perhaps some stench from within the turf.

3. Wet the surface with water

Get the surface wet, it will help your washing ingredients which you’ll soon apply to soak in and take action.

4. Use any odor remover of your choice

Splash some odor remover on it. There are many branded odor removers available in the market. But perhaps you’re frugal or by chance, you do have it, white vinegar is a good odor remover. You can mix it with little water and spray it generously on the turf. Allow it to soak in deep.

5. Avoid damaging the turf

After you’re satisfied with how long your odor remover has stayed on, you can begin to apply pressure to the turf. However, if you do not apply caution you could damage the turf. So here are some tips for you.

Spray at an angle


Spray from a distance


Spray in the opposite direction of the turf


Use wide-angle nozzle hoses

If you think you need more washing power than vinegar can offer, you can get some. But make sure that whatever you’re applying will go gentle on your pet turf.

Also, you can consider soaking your turf with odor removal at sunset so that it can soak deep and work more effectively to get rid of the odor.


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