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Is there a Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

First and foremost, power washing and pressure washing are most times used interchangeably as they sound similar. Basically, it doesn’t matter if you are well drilled in the power washing domain, once you can?t differentiate between the two then, it becomes a bit difficult. Even a novice might appear to decipher the difference between power washing and pressure washing. However, as you keep reading you would get to understand that both are totally different from the other.Is there a Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing?

Furthermore, before we discuss the main topic, you might want to know the basics between the high-pressure washer cleaner and also the high-pressure washer and their use.

Best Uses for a Pressure washer

The pressure washer has a lot of use as it can serve as a piece of equipment that helps in removing dirt, stains, mud, grime, salt, and even up to chewing gum. Also, the electric pressure washer can be perfect for cleaning:

  • The principal front of a building, both residential and commercial.
  • Movie theatre with all those leftover snacks stuck to the seats
  • Vehicles, be it trucks, busses, and cars
  • Places with a lot of activities such as stadiums, parking garages, and even plazas

In addition, to operate at a low cost, it is advisable to use a pressure cleaner as it is by far the most effective way of bringing that building back to life in a sparkling way. It does a good job on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. As such, private owners can benefit from the use of a pressure cleaner to make their homes look clean which is indeed a good habit to have.

Pressure washing vs. Power Washing Difference

To give a clear understanding between power washing and pressure washing is the fact that while one requires heat to function properly, the other doesn’t. The water in the pressure washer is not heated even though for the power washing machine heated water is being used.

The power washer is advantageous in the sense that, it works best in places that are difficult to clean and has serious grime, salt, or even grease. Plus, heated water makes it easier for you to do dishes and wash your hands effortlessly. The power washer, though a heavy-duty machine that people tend to use on concrete as the tendency for it to damage the floor is nearly impossible. Also, there are some pressure washers that come with additional features in other to protect you should there be an electric fault as water and electricity are not the best combinations. The features are basically a circuit breaker or better still residual current devices (RCDs)

In conclusion, the pressure water and power washing machine both serve the same purpose, which is to clean an area.? While one is efficient in tight corners, the other is still useful in having an area cleaned up. Also, whether you decide to use the pressure washer or the power washing machine, do ensure that both are always maintained so as to prolong their life span.


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