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Difference Between Home and Professional Pressure Washing

Difference Between Home and Professional Pressure Washing

The difference between Home and Professional Pressure washers (Why you need a professional pressure washer)

Pressure washers come with lots of benefits for people who live in commercial establishments. Through them, you can get that stubborn grime off your stuff, keeping your home and office clean always.

Pressure washers are categorized based on how they are used: Home-use or professional use. In your bid to achieve your cleaning goals, you should be aware of the two major categories of pressure washers.

In this article, we would be striking a line across these two types of pressure washers. Stick with us, and you would know why a professional pressure washer is best for you.
But first off?

What are the basic things you should know about pressure washers?

Difference Between Home and Professional Pressure Washing

The power exerted by a pressure washer is determined by two things: PSI and GPM.

The PSI (Pounds per square inch) talks about the amount of cleaning pressure that can be produced by a unit, while the GPM (Gallon per minute)- otherwise known as water flow- means the amount of water coming out from the unit.

Choosing the right PSI for you is important if you intend to minimize the risk of potential damage to the surface you are cleaning. A high PSI means the force exerted on the surface would be higher- however, cutting through grime would be easier. On the other hand, the higher the GPM, the faster the cleaning.

Now you understand these concepts, therein lies the major difference between these two types of pressure washers

The power exerted.

Most home-use pressure washers come with a PSI between 1300-1900 psi. On the other hand, professional pressure washers tend to exert a high power, most times ranging between 3200-8000 psi.
Again, while many home-use pressure washers release less than 2.5 gallons per minute, professional-grade pressure washers release at least 2.8 gallons per minute- with a max of 8 gallons per minute.

It is, therefore, obvious that professional-grade pressure washers both cut through grime easier, and are faster in their use.

So, wouldn?t you rather choose a professional pressure washer that saves you time and effort- over a home-use pressure washer that takes more time to get the job done? The ball is in your court.

Professional Pressure Washing

While you ponder on this, here are some other benefits professional pressure washers have over its counterpart:

? It lets you use hot and cold water for cleaning jobs, which allows you to perform a better cleaning job.
? They have much more powerful and larger engines than home-use pressure washers.
? They have longer warranty repair than the average pressure washer you see in stores.
? They operate with belt-driven engines. Due to this, they have a prolonged pump lifespan. In other words, they last longer and are more durable than home-use pressure washers.
In conclusion,

Getting a professional-grade pressure washer saves you both time and stress while serving you for longer periods.So, now you know the dissimilarity between a home-use pressure washer and a professional pressure washer, which of them would you rather exchange for cash?

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