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What Should You Not Pressure Wash?

What Should You Not Pressure Wash?What things should you not pressure wash? Pressure washing can be a fast and easy way to clean in many cases, but there are times when it becomes a terrible idea. Some of the reasons could be the wrong use of pressure washing equipment, too much water pressure applied, or the worst case, when you pressure wash something that shouldn’t be pressure washed, ruining it in the process.

To avoid destroying precious things by pressure washing them, it’s best to know what not to pressure wash, or if you must, it should be done with care and expertise.

8 Things That You Should Not Pressure Wash

  • Wood Siding

Pressure washing a wood siding is a very tricky business and is best handled by an expert. This is because there’s a high chance of water getting under the surfaces of the wood siding and causing damage to the insulation and electrical wiring, and it can cause mold growth. You don’t want any of that. Also, high-powered pressure washers can cause dents on your aluminum and vinyl siding.

  • Electrical Panels and Electrical Meters

Electrical equipment in the home should never be pressure washed, including those installed outside. Pressure washing can force water into nooks and crannies which could prove to be very catastrophic or best case, make you spend on repairs. Always play it safe around electronics in your home.

  • Asphalt Shingles

First of all, pressure washing anything at a high angle is a very dangerous thing to do. Once you squeeze the trigger of the pressure washer, it could throw you off a ladder and cause you serious harm. It’s risky to do this on your own so it’s advisable to call a professional cleaning company to do your roof cleaning. Moreover, any roofing with asphalt shingles shouldn’t be washed in the first place because high-pressure washing removes the granules essential to your roof’s ultimate protection.

  • Lead Paint

Lead paint is dangerous to health and the environment and has become an issue. However, lead paint should never be removed by pressure washing to prevent it from spreading to the air and the surrounding. If you need help with that, contact an expert, get it tested to be certain, and then carefully contained.

  • Old Mortar

Those beautiful landscapes or old brick houses of yours could be ruined by pressure washing. It’s best to use low-pressure water and a little bleach to avoid the money that would be spent on repairs otherwise.

  • Windows

Windows are fragile and can be easily broken by the high force from a pressure washer. Think about the money you would spend changing your windows if you break them, good. Then never pressure wash them.

  • Vehicles

Pressure washing of your vehicles is only recommended if set to low pressure. Higher pressure can dent and chip the paint off the vehicle, which makes it susceptible to rust. Be careful when pressure and avoid pressure washing below the hood, because water can get into cracks and crevices and cause damage.

  • Mold-Vulnerable Things

Anything that hardly dries up completely like a pressboard, sheetrock, fabric, and so on is susceptible to mold growth. Therefore, they should not be pressure washed but carefully cleaned with a wet cloth.

Pressure washers can be very useful if used the right way, but if not can be a very costly mistake. If you need a professional cleaning company to do your pressure washing for you, contact the Phoenix Arizona Pressure Washing company today.


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What Should You Not Pressure Wash?

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