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Pool Deck Cleaning Services

We Clean & Pressure Wash Dirty, Dusty Pool Decks!

A pool is a great way to take a break from the Arizona heat during the summer, but summer only lasts about half of the year, which means that your pool isn’t in use for the remaining half.  This means debris, germs, and dust are free to settle into your pool and turn your crystal-clear pool murky and dingy.  Your pool deck builds up dirt and grime over the winter, not to mention those summer monsoon rains and dust storms can take a toll on your pool and patio as well.

Our team is experts in pool deck and poolside patio cleaning. We can help clean and restore the external surface of your pool and poolside patio area right the first time!

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Additionally, we can help sanitize your pool deck, patio, and walkways, using our equipment, which produces steam and 200 degrees F hot water to destroy all germs that can cause a health hazards to your family, friends, and pets. 

Benefits of our Pool Deck & Patio Cleaning Services

    • Reduces health hazards: The poolside is an accident-prone environment, let alone when it’s covered with dirt, mold, and grime. Regularly professional cleaning of your pool deck & patio can lower the risk of injury by slip and falls.  Our cleaning services can disinfect your pool to kill disease-causing germs.
    • Exclusive products: Our cleaning specialists have access to the best eco-friendly products to use to safely and effectively clean your pool deck and patio.
    • General appearance: Professional cleaning of your pool deck and outdoor surfaces can help maintain your pool’s appearance.
    • Beautifies your patio: A clean and tidy patio is a beautiful patio where you can relax and entertain guests, family & friends while enjoying the great Arizona weather. Our team will get rid of all the dirt build-up and leave your patio looking clean & sparkling.
    • Protect the integrity of your patio: Algae or bird feces can cause considerable damage to your patio. Regular cleaning of your patio is advised to cut down on replacement or repair costs.
    • Lowers the risk of accidents and injuries: Grime and mildew on your patio can cause slips & falls which can lead to severe injuries. Power washing your patio can get rid of this accumulated grime, thus eliminating the risk of accidents.
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