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Should I Use a Pressure Washing For My Garage

Should I Use a Pressure Washing For My Garage

Yes, you should use a pressure washing for your garage.

Having a garage in your house is not only a thing of fulfilment for having a beautiful building outlook. It is basically to protect your cars. Making the garage clean is one challenging chore for everyone. The kinds of dirt that one can have to deal with in a garage are stubborn dirts of oil stains, grease stains, tar, dirt stuck in the ground, black spots and other road litters.

Here is where the Pressure Washing comes in. There are two different types of pressure washer, the electric pressure washer and the gas pressure washer.

Get your facts right, pressure washer is different from power washer. Power washer uses a hot unit of water while the pressure washer uses the cold water unit. Before opting for a washer, understand your garage floor type.This is to avoid likely damages after washing. The pressure washer can work on all kinds of floors except a painted floor.

Pressure Washing has so far been misconstrued to be an unnecessary form of chore. Here are some out of the various reasons you should use Pressure Washing for your garage next time;

  • Resulting health issues from traditional cleaning

The garage space in every home is notorious for storing dirt and harmful agents that are likely to cause mild and serious health challenges if they linger in the garage corners. Ordinary human efforts cannot reach some hidden parts of the garage, the power washer can spray water to every corner of the garage. This will get rid of every other hidden dirt. Also, coming in contact with some particles like dust, pollen agents, pollutants etc can cause health issues, especially if you or your family are allergic to some of these agents.

  • Ease stress

Imagine having to scrub a particular spot for 3 minutes, you have to keep bending and rising for 3 minutes.These strenuous activities will lead to abdominal and back pain. With power washing, you will maintain the right posture all through. The extra stress of mixing detergents, bending to scrub, rising to get water while striving to maintain a comfortable posture is no longer necessary.

  • Quicker means to clean

It’s a faster way to clean your garage. Cleaning with a pressure washer involves four simple steps; Empty out your garage to avoid water damaging some items. Pretreating the hard stains using a degreaser which usually comes with the washer. Attaching the machine oas to a water supply source. The last is Spraying the garage.

  • Cleans 99.9%, refine garage charm

Power washing is the best option for revamping your garage space. With the function of heavy water flow, cleaning of stubborn stains, dirts and other debris is done perfectly, achieving a 99.9% clean and fresh looking garage space.

  • Saves water

Unlike the traditional form of washing with which you constantly use large amounts of water to achieve minimal clean, Pressure washers are said to use 80% of water less than a garden hose.

Basically, the pressure washer is measured in pounds per square inch or PSI at the nozzle tip. The water that is being sprayed is measured in gallons per minute or GPM. The standard pressure washer for cleaning a garage floor requires a 3,000 PSI.

Another important thing to look out for when choosing a pressure washer is the water spill rate at the nozzle tip.

An alternative to buying, Pressure washers are available in rental facilities. Need safety, cost-effective, reliable, and fast pressure washing? Hire a Pressure Perfect in Arizona today!


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