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Can Pressure Washing Sanitize and Disinfect?

Can Pressure Washing Sanitize and Disinfect? With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more emphasis has been put on sanitation and hygiene. Cleaning has evolved beyond dirt removal, and must now include the removal of germs and disinfecting of all surfaces. This means, your normal cleaning techniques will no longer be optimal because surfaces just being clean no longer cuts it. As people are switching to more health-conscious cleaning methods, more and more people are moving towards pressure washing, and there’s a valid reason for that. First, you have to take a look at the process that is pressure washing.

HOW DOES PRESSURE WASHING WORKCan Pressure Washing Sanitize and Disinfect?

Pressure washing is using high-pressure water spray to clean. It’s mostly used to remove tough dirt like mud, chewing gum, etc from surfaces. Using a high-powered engine, pressure washers employ a water pump that draws in the detergent attached to the nozzle of the pressure washer and mixes it with the water before spraying. Also, Most pressure washers heat the water to temperatures of 50?c to 75?c before spraying. This aids massively in breaking down hard stains and dirt.

Pressure washers can doubly sanitize and disinfect. The detergent that mixes with water is detachable and can be changed to a detergent that doubles as a sanitizer. The high temperature of the water makes it even better, as high temperatures are very effective in sanitizing and disinfecting. All laboratories employ pressure washing technology because it is at the top tier when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting at the same time. Large surfaces, indoor and outdoor areas are more easily cleaned and sanitized by this method, hence it’s suitability to the present situation.

Some pressure washers can also employ steam cleaning. Here, the water temperature rises to 140?. This is enough to kill all viruses because viruses cannot survive past the 100? mark. Bleach can also be used instead of a detergent or disinfectant, but it is used with caution and appropriate testing to check compatibility. Some bleaches can form a lethality gas when combined and to avoid that, proper safety precautions are put in place.

Pressure washing can also slow the spread of germs. The soft washing method uses a soft spray to spray the surrounding areas you want to clean with a disinfectant and then letting the disinfectant work for a bit. Using this method, the disinfectant will attack the bacteria or viruses of the surface directly, and kill it, before high-pressure washing washes it away. This is done because pressure washing at high power at the start can end up having an adverse effect, as the force of the water could push the virus into the air and onto other surfaces, thereby spreading it. Soft washing also allows the disinfectant to get into hidden places and crevices, and sanitize it.

In truth, Pressure washing is top of the range in terms of cleaning and sanitizing. In this Covid-19 climate, it is not just recommended, you MUST use pressure washing services to sanitize and disinfect your environment, and keep you safe and healthy.


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