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What Can I Use a Pressure Washer On?

Want to know more about pressure washing?What Can I Use a Pressure Washer On?

Needless to say, I bet that?s why you are reading this article. Being valued at about $1.8BN in 2018, the global pressure washing industry is set to see an increase in demand and uses in the upcoming years.

In other words, the industry would be flooded with so many customers. And of course, these customers would apply this equipment in their own unique ways. From car washing to pool cleaning, these applications are numerous?and this article aims to unveil this uses.

Without further ado, these are the 5 top uses of a pressure washer:


Right now, we are in the heat of an argument. And, the bone of contention is whether people should use their pressure washers on their grills, or wash them manually.
Obviously, using a pressure washing would be quicker, easier, and more effective. Also, tough grease and grime wouldn?t give you much of an ache. However, on the other hand, some others argue that pressure washers would drive grease into your burners, impeding gas flow.

Here?s the truth: If done correctly, you would not damage any part of the machine. So before using a pressure washing on your grills, research on the correct manner of approach.

Trucks and Cars

With little effort, you can channel your pressure washer?s efficiency into giving your car- or truck- a sparkling feeling once again.
Although you might need a good solid brush or sponge in some cases, you wouldn?t need one in most cases. Actually, whether you would need one or not is absolutely dependent on the present condition of your vehicle.

You may ask: What about truck beds/ trays?

Good question.

To clean them, you would need a stronger nozzle. You might opt for a 15-degree nozzle or a jet nozzle (0-degree nozzle)- depending on how dirty it is.

What Can I Use a Pressure Washer On?Fencing

If you don’t have a fence, put your hands up anyone No one?

Basically, everyone has a fence. Due to this fact, it has made it a popular application of pressure washers. Also, pressure washing can be versatile in this regard because they can be used on a variety of fence types. Ranging from iron fences to wooden fences, get a pressure washer, and keep them clean.

However, in your bid, a general rule of thumb while fencing with a pressure washer is to always use a lower PSI.

Front entrances/ walkways

Are you home staging or simply increase the appeal of your environment?

Leave the front entrances for your pressure washer. In ten minutes, they would make the job seem so effortless while making your front entrance 10X cleaner.

Outdoor furniture

Whatever the make your outdoor furniture is- wood, plastic, or vinyl- a pressure washer can get the job done in no time. Here also, be sure to use a lower PSI so as to reduce the risk of damage. A brush could also help in removing stubborn debris.

In conclusion,

Those are the common application of pressure washers. However, on the inside of us all, lies a creative genius. Surely, there could be more applications that are more inclined to you and what you do. So, wake up your creative genius and discover the many goodies offered by pressure washers.

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